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ProServiceIT is a Veteran Owned Small Business and independent service provider. Our “vendor independence” means you get the right solution, tailored to your individual business requirements. Email us or call a sales associate at 678.537.6840 for additional details on our customized services and savings.

ProServiceIT, LLC.

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Onsite Hardware Maintenance Help Desk Support IMAC Services

Save your business 40-60% on total IT costs while dramatically improving your customer service. We support most major platforms including Mid-Range IBM®, SUN® and HP® systems, as well as many desktops, monitors, printers and other peripherals.

We provide multi-vendor help desk expertise with trained and certified technicians and on staff project managers. Guaranteed call response times with remote troubleshooting and parts management services are also available.

Whether the task involves the physical relocation of equipment or system upgrades and reconfiguration services, ProServiceIT can undertake changes quickly with minimal disruption and associated costs. Our IMAC services are available nationwide.

Hardware Maintenance

Help Desk Support

IMAC Services

Remote Monitoring Cloud Back-Ups Cloud Based Application Hosting

By identifying network issues before they become larger problems, we can save your business significant time and money. Our remote IT monitoring services can insure your network is always reliable. Plus, we have the added benefit of being able to provide onsite services if needed.

Your data is your livelihood and if your databases and critical files were lost, it would cripple your business. You need an experienced cloud backup provider that will not only provide you solid, consistent backups, but will be there to guide and support you through the recovery process.

Get anytime, anywhere access to your information from your computer or mobile device. You can be sure that if you're affected by anything from a power outage, to a natural disaster, your systems are protected and access to information can be restored quickly.

Remote Monitoring

Cloud Back-Ups

Cloud Application Hosting

IT Staffing Asset Retirement Print Management

Outsourcing IT services is an effective tactic and allows your business to concentrate on its core competencies without dramatically increasing overhead. We deliver expertise related to the latest trends and resources in information technology, while reducing the need for in-house positions.

ProServiceIT delivers economically smart, environmentally friendly asset retirement & disposition services for your end-of-life IT equipment that meets today’s strict environmental standards and security requirements needed to protect customer data.

ProServiceIT offers print management services for your entire printing infrastructure which allow  you to know ahead of time when printers are getting low on toner, have a printing error or are not working. This proactive approach can reduce your printing costs up to 30%.

IT Staffing

Asset Retirement

Print Management

ProServiceIT provides an extensive range of services for their customer’s multi-vendor IT environments including data centers, networks with mid-range servers & desktops, notebooks and mobile computers, printers, kiosks, and other specialized IT equipment. Don’t waste your time with multiple service providers when you can have ProServiceIT manage all of your technology services. The maintenance of your IT computing infrastructure is significantly simplified and we can reduce  you overall operational costs by as much as 60%.


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Whether a battery fails from defect or deterioration, the best time to find out is during a preventive maintenance service, not during a power failure when critical loads might be compromised. We will custom design a Preventive UPS Battery Maintenance package that is best for you.

UPS Battery Maintenance

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